Every customer wants to feel that their needs and wants are being taken care of and are important. They want to know that they are wanted as a customer on a personal basis. They want sales or discounts that are tailored directly to their needs, not the needs of the majority of customers. By building a Customer Loyalty Program, you can give your clients this sense of security and of being needed. One of the fastest growing Customer Loyalty Programs is the membership card program. With this program, you can track what each customer buys and send them coupons that are on the products that they personally buy.

When your company decides to implement a program to boost customer loyalty, they are doing several things. They are going to immediately boost sales almost instantly, you will secure customer behaviors and secure dealer loyalty to your business from your customers. Your business does not have to be a large chain of stores to use a Customer Loyalty Program, even small businesses will profit.

Offering special promotions to only those that are part of your program, will encourage others, who may only select your company occasionally, to consider you on a more permanent basis. Newsletters can improve your sales. If a customer knows when a particular item may be on sale, that they enjoy buying or using, they may make a special trip to secure this item. You can even make your customers feel special as individuals by sending birthday cards or holidays greeting cards. For an extra special touch, you can enclose a gift certificate for a few dollars with the cards. Many companies who use the card membership programs have sales where the customers receive an extra 10 or 15 percent off of their sales total, just for being such a loyal customer. Another option is to offer a frequent buyer program. You can give one item free when the customer buys so many of the same product. If you are a smaller company, you can always send thank you notes to your customers for being such wonderful guests.

If taken on this kind of project may be too much for you or a group of your employees, you can always hire a third company to implement the program. They may want to come in and interview your current customers on what they like or dislike as far as your current sales and promotions. They may want to survey to see what the customers feel could or should be improved upon, and even possible products that they would like to see you carry and sell. This third party company can help your company decide which form of loyalty program may be best for your company and customers.

Making your customers feel like you value them and their opinions will secure their frequent return to your store. Giving them little bonuses for being a shopper can ensure that they feel wanted and appreciated when they enter through your doors.

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